Helpful hints on how you can expedite your merchant account application:
Step 1:
Sign up with for one of three eCommerce-enabled packages (Advanced Hosting, eComm Lite, or eComm Pro).

Step 2:
Build your site or transfer an existing site to To expedite your merchant account application, please ensure the following:
The products you are selling comply with Moneris Solutions merchant policy. Please contact a Moneris Solutions representative for more details.
Your site does not contain links to prohibitive merchants. Please contact a Moneris Solutions representative for more details.
When someone types your URL, your site is live and corresponds with the type of business you have indicated on your merchant application (i.e. if you want to sell flowers online, ensure your website states that you are a flower shop).
Click here to view a demo site, which outlines general requirements for obtaining a Moneris merchant account. For a full list of requirements, please contact a Moneris Solutions representative at the number below.

Step 3:
In order to process transactions online, you must obtain a Moneris Solutions Corporation® merchant account for eSELECTplus®. Contact Moneris Solutions at 1.877.408.7736 to obtain a merchant account. Upon successful adjudication, you will be issued a merchant number.